#ACRTW – My first day in Taipei.

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Though the battery on my N86 ran out mere seconds into this recording, the story here is that halfway around the world and a week into my trip I was back on Qik, and it was all thanks to the SIM card I got with unlimited data from local carrier FarEasTone.

Because my costs for transmitted data were now $6 CAD per day instead of $4 CAD per megabyte I was now free and clear to (for example) make a public nuisance of myself in my hotel‘s lobby restaurant:

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Though this little coffee shop offered a great view of Monday morning commuters, I spent the rest of my breakfasts at the top-floor buffet…

Shortly after breakfast it was time for another meal — this one with Carol & David Chen, parents of my good friend (and top-notch cat-sitter) Sandy.

Carol Lin, my ambassador to Taipei for the day.

After lunch Mrs. Chen kindly offered to take me through Guang Ha Digital Plaza, which must have been boring as all hell for her so I bought her ice cream. She returned the favour by taking me to a night market and buying me a bag of this bizarre Taiwanese chewing gum:

Taiwanese chewing gum -- forget Red Bull, this stuff will bite you in the ass.

This concoction is actually areca nuts wrapped in betel leaves. You’re not meant to actually eat any of it, just swallow the juice and spit out the rest once it dries up.

Though often sold at roadside stands by scantily-clad ladies my purchasing experience was a little different; the grumpy old woman that eventually sold me this bag had to be talked into it — she was convinced I’d have a heart attack if I had all of it, and she was probably right… Just one piece gets your heart racing!


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