#ACRTW – Taipei’s Modern Toilet Restaurant. For serious.

Table for one...

Okay, seriously… How can you not want to eat at a restaurant chain who’s tagline is “Shit or Food”?

Modern Toilet Entrance

Though Modern Toilet is a Taiwan-wide chain with multiple locations in Taipei alone, I chose to eat in the trendy Ximending shopping district. It proved quite challenging to find, and took a combination of Google Maps, the GPS on my N86 and an ad from a tourist map I brought with me from my hotel to arrive at this spot.

Modern Toilet Chicken Curry

Though I was early for dinner I wasn’t early enough to beat the after-school crowd, and was sat at a large glass-covered bathtub with some non-English-speaking locals. I didn’t let that stop me from ordering up a big black toilet-full of chicken curry.

Okay, the toilet wasn’t actually to scale…

Modern Toiilet Ice Cream Dessert

My meal also came with dessert, served up in a mini squat toilet. Can’t say it was as good as the curry, though… It looked like ice cream but I couldn’t really taste any dairy in it.

At the counter where you settle up you can also buy some souvenirs, like an oversized plush coil of poop with stitched-in plastic flies.

I can certainly recommend Modern Toilet as a unique dining experience. About the only complaint I had about my visit there was that I couldn’t use the actual washroom, as it was being cleaned at the time. Gross!

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  1. whatleydude says:

    Am I a dufus? Why are you in Taipei? Holiday?

    You know I have a nokia-fiend/friend buddy there right? πŸ™‚

  2. Ed Miller says:


    Doesn’t this chain go by the name McDonald’s here in North America?

    Just wondering…


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