DyscultureD Podcast Episode #60 is now live!

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The latest episode of DyscultureD, the podcast I’ve been guest-hosting on, went live last night.

All the usual suspects are present as topics for discussion, including the CRTC, fair use and Facebook. We also take some pot shots at the city of Edmonton just for kicks.

The jetlag kicked in for yours truly about halfway through the recording… Can you tell?

Seriously, I’m still trying to find my voice as a podcaster who can make tech entertaining, so gimme some of that sweet, sweet feedback, k?



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One response to “DyscultureD Podcast Episode #60 is now live!”

  1. ileaneb Avatar

    Hey Andrew,

    This is so ironic. You favorited the Friendster post on Posterous this morning and I took note of your name. So when I saw it again in a WordPress.com Tag Surfer search under “podcast”, I figured that we must have something in common. I’m listening to the podcast now, so I’ll comment again when I’m done.


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