#ACRTW – A grand farewell to Taipei at The Grand Hotel.

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Here’s a little video I did live from The Grand Hotel — a hugely impressive property but man, I’m glad I didn’t stay there…

Grand Hotel at Dusk

The Grand’s big drawback is its location — it’s a $100 TWD cab ride from the nearest MRT station, whereas the place I stayed at is right beside a stop further south and much closer to downtown Taipei.

Grand Hotel Lobby

The Grand’s massive lobby. The secret tunnels lie beneath, I think…

Though reports on TripAdvisor tell of shoddy run-down rooms the place looked like it was in pretty good shape to me. It would be a good choice for travellers not planning to actually leave the hotel — conference-goers, honeymooners, that kind of thing.

Grand Hotel at Night

You could probably catch some pretty cool views of the city from the higher floors, but as a non-guest it didn’t seem to me like I was allowed up there…

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