Japan’s Hot Handsets – November ’09 Edition

No mobile fanatic’s trip to Japan would be complete without a report on the latest fashionable and high-functioning keitai. Even if it’s only playing with dummy display models or pouring through the catalogs I brought home with me, one can always dream…

DoCoMo, as always, has a bewildering choice of mobiles in their product portfolio. But the one that caught my eye was the N-09A, part of their SMART series. Unlike the BlackBerry Bold these babies come with real leather on the casing — or metal or wood (?!)

Though the clamshell or flip-phone is traditionally the design of choice for the Japanese mobile user, sliders like the WILLCOM LU (link in Japanese, sorry…) are steadily becoming more popular. I like the LU’s big buttons and chunky, squared-off look.

Softbank — or more accurately, Panasonic — takes the slider up a notch with an awesome plum-on-black colour scheme on this 940P. And that scroll wheel on the front panel is notched for variable speed and better accuracy.

But I think the best-looking handset I saw in Tokyo was this G9, part of KDDI’s new iida line. It’s worth visiting their site to see the other ground-breaking designs there — that is if you’re willing to wait for a ginormous Flash movie to load…

So which one is your favourite? Or maybe you know of something in Japan that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

By Andrew

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