Meet my next Nokia!

One question everybody kept asking me about the N97 24/Tour I went on last summer was:

“Are they gonna let you keep the phone?”

Maybe because I had two of them, the answer seemed to be no — that is until yesterday, when I read this blog post from the good folks at Qik:

Thanks to our partner, Nokia, we had launched a contest to give away 5 Nokia N97s to Qikkers for sharing their experience and tagging them with #N97contest for the past month. Well, we had a whopping 688 entries during the month from all over the world and would like to thank everyone who participated in this.

So, the 5 lucky winners of the Nokia N97 are…..drumroll………..

#4 Andrew Currie from Canada

Wait, what? Zomg!!1!

The timing couldn’t have been better, as I’m currently in the market for a new Nokia anyway. In fact, due to the realization that the N97’s front-facing camera shoots at a higher resolution than other Nseries models, it was back in the running against newer, supposedly better handsets.

I thought it appropriate to stream a press conference acceptance speech apology video when I heard the news. Here it is:

[qik url=”″%5D

I take delivery of my N97 sometime in January. Not sure if it’s going to be a white one or not, but I’m crossing my fingers. Either way it’ll be a great souvenir of every tech blogger’s dream come true! 😎


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