Yours truly unboxes a locked Sony Ericsson feature phone… WTF?!1!

It’s true! About a week before Christmas the holiday spirit got the better of me and I grabbed not one but two of the handsets featured in this Qik video:

[qik url=”″%5D

Four things immediately won me over:

  1. The big, clickety numberpad;
  2. The high-res (for a feature phone) 3.2-megapixel camera;
  3. A microSD slot in place of the usual Sony Memory Stick bullshit;
  4. An eyelet for phone charms!

If you’re a Fido customer in Canada and have a whack of FidoDollars burning a hole in your pocket like I did, the Sony Ericsson T715 is a fine choice — and folks on the Howard Forums will back me up on this.

I wouldn’t hand over any actual cash to Fido for it, though, and I certainly wouldn’t subject myself to a multi-year contract to snag one on the cheap. Why do that when you can buy it fully unlocked for about the same price as the unsubsidized, locked-to-Fido version?


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