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Moving on (again)…

Happy 2010 to my loyal readers — here’s some news: I’ve gone pro! Please visit Open attitude, my brand-new blog. Not sure if I’ll be doing any more personal blogging here or if I’ll make another WordPress install over at … Continue reading

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Oh no, not WordPress too… Wherein your humble author attempts to defend five identical blogs over just one like everybody else.

So here’s what’s going on… I’m writing this on my new Posterous blog. As soon as I hit the ‘publish’ button this entire post will simultaneously appear as separate entries on: Blogger Tumblr (and starting today) my formerly dormant LiveJournal … Continue reading

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Stat-urday Links: A New One-Day Record!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these… Here are the latest numbers for the top ten all-time posts on this humble blog: Canadian Cellular Contracts: Just Say No – 10,073 Egypt According to Nokia Maps & … Continue reading

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Mood Swing’s Second Night Blues

Sorry everyone, too wrapped up in my latest project to do any significant blogging this week. But if you’re without plans for Saturday night… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE… Mood Swing’s Second Night Blues “Come hear the classics, butchered beyond all recognition…” … Continue reading

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Blogging Break

Forgive me for my single post this week; I’m finding that all my free time is being directed towards the Conservatory Grad Show that’s going up on the Mainstage this Sunday. Details can be read off the poster or by … Continue reading

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