I need direction on my next Nokia… Which would you choose?

It’s that most wonderful time of the year… when yours truly starts shopping for a new phone! 😎

I’ve been very spoiled on my recent trip around the world by the N86 graciously loaned to me by WOMWorld — some reviews are coming soon, promise! As such, N86 variants comprise two of the three choices for my next Nokia. Read on for my pros and cons of each, and let me know which one you’d pony up for and why.

(Note that for me the Linux-powered N900 isn’t really an option at this time — mostly because I can’t get a 3G signal on it in Canada but also because it’s currently missing some key features, like SyncML server support, Java, etc.)

#1 Black Indigo Nokia N86 NAM — $450 CAD with free shipping from Newegg.ca

Pros: 850 MHz 3G support, cheapest option of the three.

Cons: Not white, possibly less firmware updates.

Maybe it’s the metrosexual in me but I find black phones kind of blah, plus they don’t so good under the protective cover of a cheap crystal case. And if memory serves me correctly North America-specific Nokias often lag behind in terms of firmware updates.

Still, this is the most sensible pick of the three, and Newegg is a reputable online dealer, right?

#2 White Nokia N86 Euro — $465 CAD + $25 shipping from Mobile604.com

Pros: Possibly quicker/more firmware updates, it’s white.

Cons: No 850MHz 3G, never used dealer before.

The jury’s still out on whether or not I need the extra band of 3G in the bustling metropolis of Toronto. I don’t care so much about voice calls (they can fall back to EDGE and still be fine) but I’ve noticed the odd hiccup in grabbing a 3G data signal. And who knows when I’ll be snowbound in a remote area of northern Canada and need to Tweet for help…

I do think the white colour is very classy, though. But I’ve never had any dealings with Mobile604. Are they legit?

#3 Nokia N97 Mini — $570 CAD with free shipping from Newegg.ca

Pros: Quad-band 3G (see below), QWERTY keypad, possibly more future-proof.

Cons: Touch-screen, bizarre colour combo, lower-spec camera, most expensive of the three.

Despite all the shortcomings I was actually set to grab the first-gen N97 as a memento of the 24/7 tour I went on last summer. But then I heard rumours about this guy and held off.

Now it’s here and I’ve mixed feelings about it. I’m really not a fan of touch-screen devices, mostly because of my dislike for the constant reapplication of screen protectors and such. Steve Litchfield says that touch interfaces are the future, though, and right now the new beta of Opera Mini looks like it would work great on this thing.

I was impressed with the keypad during my quick play with one in London last month, but I actually think the mini is still too wide in landscape mode for my thumbs to comfortably reach across it. And I have big hands, really I do!

Quad-band 3G is also a plus, and I could live with the slightly lower-res camera. If I could get one here in white for a reasonable price I might give the Mini more serious consideration.

Update: The Mini does not have quad-band 3G — read this thread on the Howard Forums for details.

… So that’s where I’m at for a handset to see me through the arrival of 2010. Which one would you pick?

Search Engine Podcast episode 21: ACTA-tag!

Download MP3 here.

(Canadian) Industry Minister Tony Clement won’t talk about the secrets of ACTA. Instead, he’s pointed curious critics to Michael Geist’s website. This week, Michael explains why he’s the wrong man for that job.

It’s always a pleasure to hear the wise words of champion Canadian #copyfighter Michael Geist. This week on Search Engine you can hear him talk about our Government’s latest lame attempts to deny that they’re Hollywood’s bitch.

If you didn’t already know there’s some background info on the secret ACTA talks here. Trust me, this is important stuff…

via Search Engine – Search Engine Blog.

DyscultureD Podcast Episode #60 is now live!

Download MP3 file to your DRM-free portable music player.
Mindless sheep click here.

The latest episode of DyscultureD, the podcast I’ve been guest-hosting on, went live last night.

All the usual suspects are present as topics for discussion, including the CRTC, fair use and Facebook. We also take some pot shots at the city of Edmonton just for kicks.

The jetlag kicked in for yours truly about halfway through the recording… Can you tell?

Seriously, I’m still trying to find my voice as a podcaster who can make tech entertaining, so gimme some of that sweet, sweet feedback, k?

SOCAN doesn’t want their #CopyCon submission made public so I’ve done it for you.

Another public service by tireless Canadian copyfighter Michael Geist

It seems that the Society of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers of Canada (or SOCAN) tried to make their public submission for last summer’s Copyright Consultation anything but. While our country’s government rightly denied SOCAN’s request to not publish their document online, in order to see it you must request it by email on the CopyCon site.

Just in case you were worried that someone might be building a secret list of citizens who don’t blindly worship the music industry or something, you can read the document right here without turning over any of your personal information.

You’re welcome! 😎

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Episode 56 of DyscultureD is now live — hear yours truly weigh in on the ACTA leak, Facebook movie and moar!!1!

I seem to be loosening up a bit more with each new episode, but feedback is always appreciated as this is my first foray into “serious” (i.e. non-parody) podcasting. For the parody stuff set your wayback machine to 2005 and check this out.

I also didn’t realize that I dropped the word jewfro twice. Please understand that I’ve nothing but respect for the tribe, but that hairstyle? Oy vey

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