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  • DyscultureD Ep. 62: My cat takes the mic. Literally.

    Download DRM-free MP3 here. A sheep says what? Christmas comes a day early this year — and by “Christmas” I mean the latest episode of the DyscultureD podcast. If you want to hear my boy ruin everything you can scrub ahead to about three eighths of the way through. Some extra links not in the […]

  • Search Engine Podcast episode 21: ACTA-tag!

    Download MP3 here. (Canadian) Industry Minister Tony Clement won’t talk about the secrets of ACTA. Instead, he’s pointed curious critics to Michael Geist’s website. This week, Michael explains why he’s the wrong man for that job. It’s always a pleasure to hear the wise words of champion Canadian #copyfighter Michael Geist. This week on Search […]

  • DyscultureD Podcast Episode #60 is now live!

    Download MP3 file to your DRM-free portable music player. Mindless sheep click here. The latest episode of DyscultureD, the podcast I’ve been guest-hosting on, went live last night. All the usual suspects are present as topics for discussion, including the CRTC, fair use and Facebook. We also take some pot shots at the city of […]

  • SOCAN doesn’t want their #CopyCon submission made public so I’ve done it for you.

    Another public service by tireless Canadian copyfighter Michael Geist… It seems that the Society of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers of Canada (or SOCAN) tried to make their public submission for last summer’s Copyright Consultation anything but. While our country’s government rightly denied SOCAN’s request to not publish their document online, in order to see […]

  • A Tale of Two Drifters

    This is old news for any gear-heads out there (of which I’m not, although I do enjoy my Top Gear), but given the big stink about copyright reform in this country as of late I thought it would be appropriate. Last night I finally got around to watching The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift […]