Pix from The Power of One

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some screen grabs from a video recording I made of last Friday’s performance of The Power of One the anti-bullying school touring show that I’ve been putting my heart and soul into for the last month…


Can you spot the bully?


Or the victim?


Renée plays a victim who is about to get cyber-bullied…


Santino bullies gives instructions to some volunteers from the audience.


Renée helps some other volunteers act out a bullying scenario of their own.

Read Between the Lines

In regards to the school show I’m directing…

  • I am having a fabulous time.
  • My producers have the utmost faith in and respect for the craft and process of theatre.
  • Their feedback is carefully thought out and delivered in a manner that is both sensitive and consistent.
  • They are turning a mediocre show into a great one, and not the other way around.
  • It is a pleasure to work for them and I hope to do so again.

Opening Day


Greetings from Norseman JMS in Etobicoke!

You’re looking at the setup for our first school show. I’ve tried not to dumb down the script for our young audience, but now, realizing just how tiny these little munchkins are, we may have to re-adjust…

Meet Renée Summerfield


Here’s the fabulously talented Renée Summerfield, one of the actors who will be taking the school show that I’m directing out into the world next week.

Joining her will be Santino Paglia, a student plucked straight from my Second City Conservatory Class. He doesn’t have a website to call his own yet—not even a MySpace page!—but with fame and fortune beckoning he’ll be getting one soon enough…