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  • Yours truly unboxes a locked Sony Ericsson feature phone… WTF?!1!

    It’s true! About a week before Christmas the holiday spirit got the better of me and I grabbed not one but two of the handsets featured in this Qik video: [qik url=”″%5D Four things immediately won me over: The big, clickety numberpad; The high-res (for a feature phone) 3.2-megapixel camera; A microSD slot in place […]

  • Rockstar Bloggers Rock: Five Questions for IntoMobile’s Simon Sage

    I first came into direct contact with IntoMobile’s Simon Sage through my daily Qiks on last summer’s N97 24/7 tour, and finally got to meet him when he visited Toronto for a TELUS Mobility press event. Since he was kind enough to get me in, I’m giving him a little blogger love here today… 1. […]

  • A Christmas gift for Nokia fans: The N86 across Asia!

    Here’s one final souvenir from last month’s trip around the world — three once-in-a-lifetime photo opps as seen through the mighty lens of Nokia’s N86… As you can see via the reflection in the pic directly above, all three photos were captured with an N79 — a fine camera phone in its own right… Thanks […]

  • Meet my next Nokia!

    One question everybody kept asking me about the N97 24/Tour I went on last summer was: “Are they gonna let you keep the phone?” Maybe because I had two of them, the answer seemed to be no — that is until yesterday, when I read this blog post from the good folks at Qik: Thanks […]

  • Where to get cheap crystal cases at Toronto’s Pacific Mall.

    If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a big, big fan of the cheap crystal case. The idea of a hard plastic shell giving its life for your mobile phone as it smashes to the ground is quite simply the stuff of genius. Crystal cases are all […]