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  • A Christmas gift for Nokia fans: The N86 across Asia!

    Here’s one final souvenir from last month’s trip around the world — three once-in-a-lifetime photo opps as seen through the mighty lens of Nokia’s N86… As you can see via the reflection in the pic directly above, all three photos were captured with an N79 — a fine camera phone in its own right… Thanks […]

  • Nokia N86 – Best Camera Phone EVAR!!1!

    How’s this for a vote of confidence? The 8-megapixel camera on Nokia’s N86 is so good that I never once reached for a standalone camera on my recent trip around the world. Here are some of the best pics snapped in faraway places — you can see more in my dedicated Flickr set… And video […]

  • #ACRTW – Sucking face with a tuna at Midorisushi.

    A heartfelt thanks to Q-Taro and his lovely girlfriend for ensuring that the penultimate meal of my trip around the around wasn’t McDonald’s… After an afternoon of shopping I got the call to head out to Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu rail line. A short trip that should have taken 15 minutes instead took over […]

  • #ACRTW – My Saturday shopping spree in Tokyo.

    Though Japan’s kick-ass keitai aren’t really suitable for export, there’s plenty of other stuff that is. Here are some highlights from my Tokyo stopover: It’s not only white phones that I like… Here’s a collection of man-purses from Wise-Walker on display at the fashionable Tokyu Hands — specifically the Shibuya location near my hotel. These […]

  • #ACRTW – My very tasteful audio tour of the Japanese toilet experience.

    Here’s something a little different — an audio walkthrough of the fancy toilet in my Tokyo hotel room. If you’ve been listening to the DyscultureD podcast you’ll have already heard this at the end of Episode 59. If not, check it out — it’s totally SFW! Japanese Toilet Audio Walkthrough by acurrie Posted via web […]