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  • Ad-Free since July 4th

    FYI, all advertisements from Amazon Associates and Google AdSense have been removed from this site. They were pretty much useless, anyway…

  • What the F**k?

    Those of you who’ve mastered the scroll-wheel on your mouse and/or the page-down button on your keyboard already know the horrible truth—there’s advertising on my site! I once entertained the notion of accepting donations for my blog. Now, for the next couple of weeks at least, I’m gonna see if the otherwise unused real estate […]

  • An Albert Howell Weekend

    Al Howell, seen here at Radio Shack with his Christmas ad playing behind him, has all but got a lock on local cinema screens this weekend. Starting tonight you can see him in Don McKellar’s Child Star, and if you can get yourself out of bed before noon on Sunday you can catch a free […]

  • City Fido’s Ad Campaign

    I posted this photo before, but wanted a record of it for the ages… I saw hubcap ads on cabs in Singapore back in 2001; those ones had better upkeep and seemed more securely attached to each wheel, not rocking back and forth like the ones here seem to do.

  • Subservient President

    On Friday I got my U.S. voter registration card in the mail, straight from Los Angeles County. And to celebrate I’m posting a link to Subservient President, where you can tell George Walker Bush what to do. Of course, whether he listens or not is another story… The idea is based on Burger King’s Subservient […]