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  • Egypt According to Nokia Maps & GPS

    You’re looking at Sadat Subway station, the major landmark closest to the hotel where I stayed in Cairo. It’s a screen grab courtesy of Nokia Maps and my Bluetooth GPS unit, which I did indeed use to navigate my way through Egypt, despite the fact that the there’s no visible GPS signal showing in the […]

  • Video Egypt: Abdul Aziz Mobile Phone Souk

    I know what you’re thinking: “Come on, Currie… Another video from Egypt?!” This one is actually a good lead-in for my next post… It was captured in Cairo’s famous mobile phone Souk — I was hipped to it by our tour guide in Luxor. Note that like your typical stupid tourist I completely butchered the […]

  • Video Egypt: Call to Prayer

    If you’ve never been to a Muslim country then you’ll never have heard the call to prayer that rings out from minarets up to five times a day. Devout Muslims supposedly drop whatever they’re doing and heed the call, but Ray and I saw no evidence of this in the bustling metropolises of Giza and […]

  • Video Egypt: Ringing in 2008 at the Pyramids

    Okay, I know you’re all getting tired of hearing about Egypt so I’ll dump my last two videos over the weekend then get back to the tech stuff you nerds crave so much… 😉 Despite taking place in the shadow of the Great Pyramids, greeting 2008 was a decidedly more subdued affair than rolling over […]

  • Video Egypt: Pyramids Approach

    Now that you’ve suffered through my Flickr photos it’s time to marvel at the cheap 30-second videos captured by my Canon S70 — actually this one got cut off at 7 seconds for some reason, so you can watch it four times! Your typical Giza Plateau camel tour brings you to the Pyramids from the […]