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  • #ACRTW – the prologue.

    The problem with Business Class — at least on Air Canada — is that there’s nobody really interesting to chat with. That first photo below is my lie-flat seat, number 2A on AC856 to LHR. The dude in 1A looked like he was gonna go all Sean Penn on me when I snapped it. Whatever. […]

  • AC in JP: The Trip Over

    We’ll be shifing into travel blog mode for today, but I’ll have news from the Japan Wireless Expo tomorrow… So I made it to Tokyo (obviously) but the trip over had a couple of rough spots at either end. In the Maple Leaf Lounge at Pearson airport I had to endure a slew of verbal […]

  • Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness Redux

    Okay, so the last time I tried using Air Canada’s paperless mobile check-in I got a message that my Nokia S60 handset, the world’s most popular mobile OS running on the world’s bestselling handset, wasn’t supported. This time I actually got an SMS from AC, actually two — one with a helpful reminder of my […]

  • Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness

    In preparation for my annual trip to Bermuda and its Film Festival I thought I’d go paperless with Air Canada’s new Mobile Check-in service. And predictably, instead of ending up with a 2D barcode I got the message seen in the screen grab above. Just so I’m clear on this… I have a phone running […]

  • Non-Stop According to Air Canada

    Greetings from Vancouver. Yes, Vancouver. How can you have an hour stop-over in Vancouver on a non-stop flight between Toronto and Shanghai? Ask Air Canada, not me! I’d be a lot more upset, but the espresso and cookies in the lounge here are quite tasty—way better than the Harvey’s slop I had to pay for […]