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  • #ACRTW – the prologue.

    The problem with Business Class — at least on Air Canada — is that there’s nobody really interesting to chat with. That first photo below is my lie-flat seat, number 2A on AC856 to LHR. The dude in 1A looked like he was gonna go all Sean Penn on me when I snapped it. Whatever. […]

  • On Tech’s Pandering to Porn

    Today I give you three technological trends that signal the rising pervasiveness of pornography: 1. “Private Browsing” on desktop computers. Apple’s Safari was the first desktop browser with this feature, enabling you to surf prurient sites with wild abandon and not worry about anything being stored in your browser history. The perils of not clearing […]

  • Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness Redux

    Okay, so the last time I tried using Air Canada’s paperless mobile check-in I got a message that my Nokia S60 handset, the world’s most popular mobile OS running on the world’s bestselling handset, wasn’t supported. This time I actually got an SMS from AC, actually two — one with a helpful reminder of my […]

  • Nokia to the Rescue on AC 943

    Now that I’m officially a Nokia Ambassador I’m happy to report that my trusty E61i more than proved it’s worth on my three-hour return trip home to Toronto from Bermuda yesterday. Seated beside me on that flight was a kid on his first flight ever — and he was travelling alone! I felt bad for […]

  • Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness

    In preparation for my annual trip to Bermuda and its Film Festival I thought I’d go paperless with Air Canada’s new Mobile Check-in service. And predictably, instead of ending up with a 2D barcode I got the message seen in the screen grab above. Just so I’m clear on this… I have a phone running […]