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  • N97 Debrief: Against the iPhone

    Look, let’s stop beating around the bush with this… It should be fairly obvious from the photo above who Nokia’s after with their flagship N97. It also can’t be denied that in North America, at least, Apple’s iPhone is everywhere. My goal with this post is to highlight the key differences between the two and […]

  • No more Apple Kool-Aid, thanks… I’m done.

    As soon as Apple’s WWDC keynote wrapped up yesterday I started thinking about what I would write here.

  • Requiem for a MacBook

    Last night I handed over my 2007-vintage BlackBook to my sister in law, whose IBM ThinkPad has been compromised — most probably by her kids clicking on banner ads. Though this is the last version of Apple’s consumer portable to have FireWire (and target disk mode) built-in, it has become too cumbersome for me to […]

  • (absolutely not a) Pre-MacWorld Leak! New iPhone, iPod Spotted in Hong Kong…

    If you can’t wait to see the new gear that Apple will be revealing at the MacWorld Keynote Tuesday morning, I can at least show you two products they probably won’t be announcing… First up is the iPhone Mini, which I found on Apliu Street in Kowloon’s Sham Shui Po district. At about $100 CAD […]

  • Make S60 a Passable iPod Stand-in with Nokia’s Multimedia Transfer Tool

    In a previous post I proclaimed Salling Software’s Media Sync the best way to get music to your Nokia from a Mac. Turns out that verdict may have been a bit premature… Even though sending music to my E71 via Media Sync is but a one or two-click affair, there is an extra step required […]