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Canada’s Latest Fail: “We Charge for incoming texts now…”

As the Rogers/Fido iPhone debacle continues there’s some new bad news for mobile users in this country: Bell Canada and Telus Mobility have both announced their intention to charge customers for incoming text messages as of next month. For anyone … Continue reading

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Requiem for an Analog Mobile Network

And good riddance! As of this President’s Family Day our friends in the US and A will no longer have nationwide analog cellular service, and “me too” Canada will likely follow suit. For those of you too young to remember, … Continue reading

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First Bell, Now Telus?!

The title of this post is the same as a thread I started over on the HowardForums — and once again, thanks to Elias for the heads-up! It seems that Telus Mobility has launched their own pre-emptive strike against the … Continue reading

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Bell Canada’s Mobile Browsing Bomb: What You Need to Know

Ask and ye shall receive… Yesterday faithful reader Elias wondered why I hadn’t yet covered the new $7/month unlimited data plan from Bell Canada. Today I present your answer! For anyone who hasn’t heard, Bell Canada made a surprising move … Continue reading

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Bell Internet Users: You’re Being Watched

I was a little surprised to see this covered by an organization that also falls under the Bell Globemedia empire; nonetheless, yesterday’s Globe & Mail carried news that Bell Sympatico is logging the internet activities of its users, and has … Continue reading

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