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A Christmas Surprise for Fido & Rogers Customers

Christmas is all about sharing, and so some kind Fido and/or Rogers employee has thoughtfully made public an internal presentation of the forthcoming Canadian GSM handsets in 2009. The thread is here on the Howard Forums — since it could … Continue reading

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State of the Canadian Mobile Web, According to Opera

Here’s some love for Canadian mobile users, all the way from Norway! Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software (that’s him to the left) recently posted his company’s State of the Mobile Web for 2008. The report contains stats … Continue reading

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BlackBerry’s (Slightly) Bewildering Flip

Far be it from me to tell RIM their business — I bought some of their stock back when it was trading below $75 CAD and haven’t looked back — but their latest handset, the Pearl Flip 8220 announced this … Continue reading

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Opera Mini: Your Best Bet for Mobile Browser Yet

The lowly Java app is the bane of the S60 user’s existence — I mean, what’s the point of having a modern, multitasking mobile operating system if some dinky little program is going to ignore your UI and suck up … Continue reading

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I may have given up on Podcasting myself, but that doesn’t mean I can contribute to the Podcasts I listen to, right? The kind folks at All About Symbian have featured an audio comment I submitted to them in their … Continue reading

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