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Moving on (again)…

Happy 2010 to my loyal readers — here’s some news: I’ve gone pro! Please visit Open attitude, my brand-new blog. Not sure if I’ll be doing any more personal blogging here or if I’ll make another WordPress install over at … Continue reading

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Blogging Platforms Need Open Standards Too!

Before I started this humble WordPress.com blog I ran another self-hosted one at http://www.andrewcurrie.ca — that domain is currently one of those “lifestream” thingies, but you can still see my previous blog there if you know where to look (not … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Free Blogging Engine Smackdown

Friends, I’ve some bad news. This web site is broken. To the casual eye everything seems hunky-dory, I know. But deep within the bowels of MySQL-this and PHP-that, something has gone fatally awry. If you’re interested you can read my … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Argue with Free

In days of old I would painstakingly tweak my travel photos in Adobe Photoshop and upload each and every one of them with a thorough description and appropriate links. I wouldn’t even have considered uploading videos, as the large file … Continue reading

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Web Usability: Every Site is F’d

All you wannabe web designers out there take note: I’ve switched templates on the next version of this site to accommodate left-handed navigation. An Amber MacArthur segment on a recent Call for Help pointed me to this study of how … Continue reading

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