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State of the Canadian Mobile Web, According to Opera

Here’s some love for Canadian mobile users, all the way from Norway! Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software (that’s him to the left) recently posted his company’s State of the Mobile Web for 2008. The report contains stats … Continue reading

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Requiem for Fido (The Pre-Rogers Version)

I still remember the first time I saw a Fido handset. It was some kind of Ericsson, pre-dating the T18z but with a similar design, with an integrated belt clip built into the hardware. Like most Ericsson handsets of the … Continue reading

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Anyone But Harper

On this, the morning of the televised leaders’ debate (the Canadian one, because I live in Canada) I present to you three viral videos I directed for the anti-Stephen Harper site AnyoneButHarper.ca — parodies of ads you may have seen … Continue reading

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The Return of Search Engine, and Yet Another Fail for Old Media

So CBC’s Search Engine Podcast is back with a vengeance; Episode 2 of the new series is all about the very foundation of the World Wide Web — linking. You’d think by now, some 15 years after the first web … Continue reading

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Canada’s Latest Fail: “We Charge for incoming texts now…”

As the Rogers/Fido iPhone debacle continues there’s some new bad news for mobile users in this country: Bell Canada and Telus Mobility have both announced their intention to charge customers for incoming text messages as of next month. For anyone … Continue reading

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