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Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness

In preparation for my annual trip to Bermuda and its Film Festival I thought I’d go paperless with Air Canada’s new Mobile Check-in service. And predictably, instead of ending up with a 2D barcode I got the message seen in … Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism in Bermuda

A testament to the power of new media… I’m apparently listed as an official source for festival coverage on the BIFF website. Take that Bermuda Sun and Royal Gazette!

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BIFF 10: Day 9

The penultimate screening in the 2007 Bermuda International Film Festival was Red Road, a tale of vigilante justice in the Big Brother era of CCTV cameras. You know, if I wanted to see unsimulated oral sex I’d probably watch porn … Continue reading

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BIFF 10: Day 8

Paris, je t’aime is a collection of short films by various directors linked together by their location — every romantic’s favourite City of Light. There is some passing (and very arbitrary) intersection of characters at the end of the film, … Continue reading

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BIFF 10: Day 7

Last night I sat through 102 Minutes of Shorts. I say “sat through” because it was amazing to me, someone who makes his living within the constraints of five or so minute-scenes at The Second City, that so few of … Continue reading

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