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Requiem for a Beetle

Pictured above with yours truly is Mr. Leo Timbol, who I’ve known for over a decade. He used to work in the apartment complex where I used to live, and his wife is now among the army of caregivers working … Continue reading

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My Beetle Hath Become My Burden

It seems like it was just yesterday when I drove my brand-new New Beetle across Avenue Road from Downtown Fine Cars to the Masonic Temple, where the Devils were finishing up the first season of tapings for Improv Heaven & … Continue reading

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The New, New Beetle – Will I Bite?

Well, the 2007 Canadian International Autoshow has begun, and sometime this week I’ll be making the pilgrimage to the Convention Centre for the annual tradition of popping hatches and rowing through gearboxes. One model I won’t be seeing is this … Continue reading

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Dear Fuckwad

Dear guy who for some reason smashed in the windshield of my car while it lay defenseless in my underground garage last night… I would very much like to meet with you in person to discuss your actions. Could you … Continue reading

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The Almost-Fifty Dollar Fill-Up

Shame on you, oil companies, for taking advantage on us poor Canadians over the Easter weekend by arbitrarily jacking-up the cost of fuel! I had been eyeing gas prices in Toronto all week, and thought they couldn’t possibly stay so … Continue reading

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