Tag: Corporate Whoring

  • I, Facilitator

    Apologies to Matt Baram I was up at 4am this past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to be in the north end of Toronto for my part in a three-hour customer service workshop for the frontline employees of a major Canadian bank, an event played out twice daily in 41 locations across the country, making it […]

  • We’re (all) Number One

    I’m currently being considered for a big corporate facilitation job in January—for those of you who don’t know, corporate facilitation is built on the tenuous argument that the fundamentals of theatrical improvisation also apply to the business world, thus enabling facilitators charge big money for teaching improv games to business clients. During a rehearsal for […]

  • Where’s the Love?

    This morning I’m heading down to 55 Wellington Street for my last day of harassing the top brass at TD Canada Trust, for a video to be shown at one of their upcoming conferences. It’s an easy and fun gig I’ve enjoyed for the second year in a row; the first video was such a […]

  • Johnny Cash

    An original cardboard cutout of Canada Trust’s former spokesperson, from the TD Archives.

  • Sideburned

    This ain’t no kinky webcam shot, just a memento of my beautiful mutton chops, which I had to trim this morning for a corporate gig… 😦