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Requiem for a MacBook

Last night I handed over my 2007-vintage BlackBook to my sister in law, whose IBM ThinkPad has been compromised — most probably by her kids clicking on banner ads. Though this is the last version of Apple’s consumer portable to … Continue reading

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PIM 2.0, Final Round: Memotoo vs. ScheduleWorld

So here we are. More than a year since I first set out to replace the groundbreaking over the air sync of my beloved Fido hiptop, a worthy replacement has finally been found. But first, a quick refresher… My perfect … Continue reading

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May Day (My First Day with Linux)

It’s an odd coincidence that I chose to make free open-source software my primary notebook OS on International Worker’s Day, but that’s how it went down when I migrated my calendar, contracts and email to Easy Peasy 1.1 on my … Continue reading

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Linux: Access as well as Openness

Today I thought I’d share a stellar bit of customer service, courtesy of the Easy Peasy IRC channel. If you didn’t know, Easy Peasy is an Ubuntu-based Linux OS optimized for Netbooks like my new Eee PC. This particular Linux … Continue reading

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Battle of the Set-top Boxes

Ladies and gentlemen… On the right, crushing the scales at 11 lbs., the current living room media player champ… The Rogers-branded Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 SD. And the challenger… On the left, floating like a butterfly at a mere 0.67 … Continue reading

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