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  • Hatch-chan, the Blogging Cat: DVD I & II, Reviewed by a Film School Graduate

    At first glance the two official DVD releases of Hatch-chan the blogging cat seem little more than a shrewd cash-grab by two pet owners and aspiring internet-preneurs. But repeated viewings of these cultural curiosities reveal a nothing short of a cinematic meisterwerk and damning condemnation of our society’s slide into the abyss of rampant consumerism. […]

  • (Hopefully Not) The Future of Movies on DVD

    So last night I watched The Interpreter, a pretty passable thriller with a really, really bad ending. I can almost imagine some asshat movie executive saying, “Hmm… How to best wrap up a story about corruption and international politics? I know… With an out-of-nowhere love story!” As soon as the end credits started rolling I […]

  • DVD à la LG

    What a difference a year and half makes! Two Aprils ago I was singing the praises of my new region-free Philips DVD player. This week it’s been replaced by the LG LRA-536 pictured above. Like the Philips player it has an easy region-free hack that can be executed from the remote; unlike the Philips it’s […]

  • AV Guy Strikes Again

    Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous… Last night my financial advisor sponsored a screening of A Decent Factory, a film about working conditions at a Chinese Supplier to Nokia. The event was held at the NOW Magazine Lounge, which—who knew?—has a nice little screening room in the back, easily able to accommodate the twenty […]

  • Region-Free

    Don’t get me wrong — I think the DVD format is awesome. I just hate the stupid region encoding imposed by big media companies on their DVD releases. I mean, God forbid I should want to broaden my tastes with something produced on another continent! Fortunately a little research hipped me to this Philips DVD727, […]