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Evolution – The Default Email Client for Ubuntu

Just as I’ve spent a lot of time at this humble WordPress address finding the perfect PIM 2.0 client, my previous blog had a fair amount of space devoted to traditional offline email clients. I’ve got email archives dating back … Continue reading

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The Quest for PIM 2.0: Plaxo 3.0

Online PIM purveyors Plaxo used to have a pretty bad reputation for spamming people from your uploaded address book and pressuring them to join the service. I’m happy to report that this is no longer the case, as I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Quest for PIM 2.0: An Unfortunate Exchange

(In case you’re wondering, that calendar entry relates to a previous post…) If you’re one of the vast majority of computer users running some version of Windows you’ve probably at least heard of Microsoft Exchange. If you don’t know exactly … Continue reading

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First Bell, Now Telus?!

The title of this post is the same as a thread I started over on the HowardForums — and once again, thanks to Elias for the heads-up! It seems that Telus Mobility has launched their own pre-emptive strike against the … Continue reading

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Bell Sympatico Blocking POP Access?!!

There will absolutely be no link love for Bell here if this story is true… Longtime commenter and real-world Neutrino colleague Ed Miller told me over dinner last night that Bell Sympatico is no longer offering email access through traditional … Continue reading

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