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Birthday Season Begins

(a favourite indulgence from my favourite specialty bakery…) Birthday season kicked off yesterday with a family lunch up at mom’s place. I say birthday “season” because in the span of about a week my presence has been requested at no … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Guilt Trips

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Here’s why: I thought I’d get a jump on Chinese New Year and do some window shopping up at Pacific Mall with the missus, but almost as soon as we pulled into … Continue reading

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A Childhood Indiscretion

On this (Canadian) Thanksgiving day I give thanks to my parents, for not opening up a can of whup-ass on me over this… Sometime between 1968 and 1972 I took a wax marker and etched this crude message on one … Continue reading

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Octogenerian Summit 2005

An official photo from this year’s meet-up at The Donway Seniors’ Residence. On the left, 94-year-old Alice Campbell, and on the right, my dear old mother, a sprightly 80. On the agenda for discussion were such topics as “look at … Continue reading

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The Bearable Lightness of Being

Now that my hiptop can roam on Rogers up here in Southampton, Ontario, spending a weekend at the family cottage is actually bearable. Almost. 😉

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