Birthday Season Begins


(a favourite indulgence from my favourite specialty bakery…)

Birthday season kicked off yesterday with a family lunch up at mom’s place. I say birthday “season” because in the span of about a week my presence has been requested at no less than five separate events!

What can I say? I’m flattered and soon to be fattened…


The Mother of All Guilt Trips

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Here’s why:

I thought I’d get a jump on Chinese New Year and do some window shopping up at Pacific Mall with the missus, but almost as soon as we pulled into the parking lot I got a call from my mother’s caregiver, informing me that her eighty-one year-old employer had taken a spill and cut her head on one of those old-tyme radiators in her home.

Though she didn’t pass out and her small cut had only bled a bit I asked dear old mum if she wanted to go to hospital just to be safe. Instead of hopping into a cab and literally going down the road to Sunnybrook with her paid helper right away she said she would only go if I came back into the city and drove her myself.

Of course I took her, but since we had to wait for the rush hour to end anyway, we finished up whatever shopping we could. What could I do? Either way it was a losing proposition. If you can believe it my mother even yelled at me for being in Markham in the first place!

By the way, she’s fine. But me? I’m still recovering from the guilt…


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A Childhood Indiscretion


On this (Canadian) Thanksgiving day I give thanks to my parents, for not opening up a can of whup-ass on me over this…

Sometime between 1968 and 1972 I took a wax marker and etched this crude message on one of the bricks next to the back door of my childhood home. I couldn’t have been more than five or six years old at the time, as I meant to tag the wall with the word “pee”—yeah, I was a rebel that way.

Thankfully my folks let it slide, either because they got a good laugh out of it or they couldn’t figure out what the hell I was trying to spell!

Octogenerian Summit 2005


An official photo from this year’s meet-up at The Donway Seniors’ Residence. On the left, 94-year-old Alice Campbell, and on the right, my dear old mother, a sprightly 80. On the agenda for discussion were such
topics as “look at the beautiful sconces”, “the air conditioning is too cold” and “the Chinese”. Don’t ask.

Just down the hall it was movie night at the Donway, but whomever had started up the DVD for the crowded screening room hadn’t stuck around to press the play button—after hearing a loop of the same music about six times I realized that the audience was patiently watching a repeating title screen! I calmly stepped to the front of the room, and with a click of the appropriate remote became a hero for the day.

Sadly, this is the my biggest achievement in the film industry to date…