No Love from WOM World, but Props from an Unexpected Source

Funambol logo

So I’ve been waiting on a trackback from Nokia’s WOM World to my last post about what the company needs to do to beat the coming iPhone invasion. It looks like I won’t be getting it — I guess I can understand, as their site doesn’t really have a “rant” category. Still, I was hoping that someone of influence in the mobile industry would listen…

So imagine my surprise when I found out that Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol, blogged about me!

If you didn’t know, Funambol has been getting a fair bit of iPhone-related heat as of late, with Techcrunch featuring them as an open-source alternative to Apple’s own MobileMeh.

Funambol isn’t an app you run from your desktop computer, but rather a product they sell to hosting companies, like 1&1. This iPhone app is apparently their first attempt at their own free-hosted service, and would certainly be my PIM of choice were I to switch to an iPhone — you know, now that Fabrizio and I are buds and all… 😉

Meet Renée Summerfield


Here’s the fabulously talented Renée Summerfield, one of the actors who will be taking the school show that I’m directing out into the world next week.

Joining her will be Santino Paglia, a student plucked straight from my Second City Conservatory Class. He doesn’t have a website to call his own yet—not even a MySpace page!—but with fame and fortune beckoning he’ll be getting one soon enough…

Friends in Faraway Places


One of the few regrets from my trip to Tokyo last winter was that I didn’t pick up a souvenir keitai strap of Docomodake, the freaky mushroom-like mascot of NTT DoCoMo. But thanks to an extremely kind gesture by fellow blogger Roy I now have one in my possession, pictured here dangling from my trusty hiptop2.

It’s perhaps a bit large for everyday use, but you know I’m going to have it with me on my next trip to the Far East—speaking of which…

Drowsy Chaperone a Sleeper Hit at Tonies


(Drowsy circa 1999 at Theatre Passe Muraille…)

Kudos to all the folks involved at one point or another with what will forevermore be known as the Tony Award-Winning Broadway hit The Drowsy Chaperone.

I myself was a bit surprised that they didn’t win the hardware for Best Musical. I’m guessing that the powers-that-be switched the winning envelope after Don McKellar made that crack about thanking “The American musical comedy… Which has given us so much to make fun of.”

But I’m a conspiracist that way…


The Joy of Comedy


Though it’s really a sheer coincidence of timing, I’m gonna call the part The Williamson Playboys gave me in their radio pilot yesterday another birthday present.

What a joy it was to muck around in a studio with a bunch of really talented people, all trying to make each other laugh. If even half of the commercial auditions I’ve done over the years were like this I’d still be doing them.

Al Howell, Jack Mosshammer and I were talking just the other day about how we used to try to crack each other up on stage at Second City, more often than not at the expense of our fellow cast-mates.

But don’t be too quick to discount such behaviour—after all, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway weren’t exactly known for their smart writing on The Carol Burnett Show.