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Make S60 a Passable iPod Stand-in with Nokia’s Multimedia Transfer Tool

In a previous post I proclaimed Salling Software’s Media Sync the best way to get music to your Nokia from a Mac. Turns out that verdict may have been a bit premature… Even though sending music to my E71 via … Continue reading

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Who Needs an iPod with Salling Media Sync?

I had no idea that my stuffy Eseries business handset could also be a kick-ass music player, but thanks to Salling Software’s new Media Sync, it is! Install Media Sync on your Mac (it’s also available for Windows) and you’ll … Continue reading

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iPhone + iTunes = Stupid

I figured this would happen sooner or later… Somewhat absent-mindedly I accepted a prompt for an auto-install of iTunes 8.0.1 last week, which immediately turned my decade-old collection of digital music into an unstable mess. And I put the blame … Continue reading

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Apple’s Questionable Standards Support Strikes Again

When Apple announced the availability of DRM-free music at the iTunes Music Store last May, my response at the time was a resounding “meh”. I’ve been paying for restricted music on iTMS for more than two years, and if I … Continue reading

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Salling Clicker: A Remote for Your Mac (or PC)

Today I bring you a review of the best smartphone utility I never knew I needed… Salling Software’s Clicker. Being the savvy technophile that I am I’ve heard a lot about Clicker over the last couple of years, but never … Continue reading

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