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AC in JP: My @home café Otaku Maid Bar Review

There are but five food items on the menu at Akihabara’s famous @home café: 2 variants each of cheesecake & ice cream parfait and “spughetti”. My chocolate parfait was a generous-enough serving but suffered from too much whipped cream and … Continue reading

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AC in JP: Ghibli Museum

On rare occasions, it pays to be a dumb tourist — or at least look the part… One of the landmarks I was hoping to visit during this Tokyo trip was the Ghibli Museum. If you didn’t know, Studio Ghibli … Continue reading

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AC in JP: Wireless Japan

It was straight to business on my first full day in Tokyo; right after breakfast Q-Taro met up with me in the lobby of my hotel and we headed for Tokyo Big Sight and the Wireless Japan Expo. Despite being … Continue reading

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AC in JP: The Trip Over

We’ll be shifing into travel blog mode for today, but I’ll have news from the Japan Wireless Expo tomorrow… So I made it to Tokyo (obviously) but the trip over had a couple of rough spots at either end. In … Continue reading

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Nokia N95 Trial: 30 Seconds Over Tokyo with Nokia Maps 2.0

Today we take a look at Nokia Maps 2.0 for the N95 8GB. It’s availability hasn’t yet trickled down to my trusty E61i, but with only a month and a half before my trip to the Japan Wireless Expo I’m … Continue reading

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