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  • Digg-ing Deeper for Linux News and Links

    Apparently there’s some sort of conspiracy keeping Linux-related links off the front page of the popular link-sharing site Digg.com — or at least that’s what this recent Computerworld editorial would have you believe. Whether it’s true or not there’s still a very healthy Linux community over there — my review of the Evolution email client […]

  • Project FrankenMac Needs Your Help!

    Now that I’ve replaced my MacBook with a lean, mean, Linux netbook machine the next step in my open-source assimilation is to install some kind of Linux on my two year-old Mac Pro.

  • Netbook Linux Screencaster Smackdown

    If you’re using Linux you may have already read TuxArena’s excellent rundown of three highly regarded screencasting apps. But what if you’re using a netbook like an Eee PC? Has anyone tested these apps and other alternatives on such a machine with a slower processor and limited RAM? I sure hope not, because that’s what […]

  • Stat-urday Links: A New One-Day Record!

    It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these… Here are the latest numbers for the top ten all-time posts on this humble WordPress.com blog: Canadian Cellular Contracts: Just Say No – 10,073 Egypt According to Nokia Maps & GPS – 5,340 Battle of the Mobile Barcodes – 3,992 Nokia N810 – Can’t (iPod) […]

  • Evolution – The Default Email Client for Ubuntu

    Just as I’ve spent a lot of time at this humble WordPress address finding the perfect PIM 2.0 client, my previous blog had a fair amount of space devoted to traditional offline email clients. I’ve got email archives dating back some thirteen years, and I’ve moved them between various apps on OS X and Windows […]