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Towards a Microsoft-free Mac, Part II: The .doc Dilemma

In Part I of this series I downgraded Microsoft’s Expression Media to the virtually identical iView Media Pro. If you didn’t know, Expression Media comes bundled with a special version of Office 2008 for the Mac — and if you … Continue reading

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Towards a Microsoft-free Mac, Part I

Having freed my phone line from the monopolistic clutches of Bell Canada a few years back I’ve set my sights on my next technological feat, to rid my computers of anything bearing the Microsoft logo. The big hurdle has been … Continue reading

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Mobile Upstarts Continue to Challenge Wireless Status Quo

(Relax, it’s only a mock-up…) I guess you could call this Part II in a continuing series of how wireless NKOTB (oops, that’s certainly dating myself!) Apple and Google are already making other mobile manufacturers crap their pants — even … Continue reading

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The Worst Shortcomings of Windows and OS X Laid Bare!

So Robert Scoble, the go-to tech blogger on WordPress.com, has just released two hours of video documenting an expert debate of Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X. I’ll save you the two hours and get right to the point. I … Continue reading

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Is This a Windows Virus?

Here’s an odd thing: A couple of times since I got my Lenovo laptop last summer the screen has suddenly gone blank on me, displaying a random colour — in this case, purple. Fixing it is easy enough; I just … Continue reading

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