Opening Day


Greetings from Norseman JMS in Etobicoke!

You’re looking at the setup for our first school show. I’ve tried not to dumb down the script for our young audience, but now, realizing just how tiny these little munchkins are, we may have to re-adjust…


Back at Second City I had this character from Caracas; now I’m here on stopover and have figured out it’s in Venezuela!

Road Trip to San Fernando

One thing you may not know about my trip to Trini is that I’ve rented a car. A right hand-drive car. And today Ray and I are going to attempt to drive through morning rush hour traffic all the way from our hotel in St. James to the town of San Fernando, down the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Oh, and unlike Bermuda where the entire island has a speed limit of 20 km/h, there are lots of accidents here!