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Hollywood Founded on Piracy, and Other Revelations from The Pirate Bay Verdict

So I woke up this morning to news that a verdict had been officially passed down on The Pirate Bay Four — actually it was leaked first and then officially passed down, in a fitting bit of irony. TorrentFreak (an … Continue reading

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BIFF 2009, Day 5: Short Films (Mostly) Suck

Such a bold statement is tantamount to heresy from this Film School Graduate, but hear me out… I remember hearing or reading somewhere that if you want to make a feature, why waste time and resources on a short film … Continue reading

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BIFF 2009, Day 4: Keep The Promise

From The Bermuda Film Festival website: In September 2000, 191 governments committed to halve world poverty by 2015 and set eight goals to achieve this: the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). At the halfway point, eight directors were invited to share … Continue reading

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BIFF 2009, Day 3: Non-voting America’s What Now?

Last night I saw the 12th annual Bermuda Film Festival‘s first dud. The Dutch documentarians’ naïveté is undeniably charming as they set out across America in a run-down camper van, to answer the question of why so many Americans don’t … Continue reading

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BIFF 2009, Day 2: Canadian Films That Don’t Suck

Yesterday I did two back-to-back screenings at The Liberty Theatre. First up was Of Time and the City, a documentary about Liverpool by a director who hates The Beatles. Commissioned to celebrate Liverpool’s year as Cultural Capital of Europe, the … Continue reading

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