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  • Hollywood Founded on Piracy, and Other Revelations from The Pirate Bay Verdict

    So I woke up this morning to news that a verdict had been officially passed down on The Pirate Bay Four — actually it was leaked first and then officially passed down, in a fitting bit of irony. TorrentFreak (an apparent fan of BitTorrents) has posted the details: All four defendants were accused of ‘assisting […]

  • BIFF 2009, Day 5: Short Films (Mostly) Suck

    Such a bold statement is tantamount to heresy from this Film School Graduate, but hear me out… I remember hearing or reading somewhere that if you want to make a feature, why waste time and resources on a short film that could be better spent on your ultimate goal? Indeed, of the eight films that […]

  • BIFF 2009, Day 4: Keep The Promise

    From The Bermuda Film Festival website: In September 2000, 191 governments committed to halve world poverty by 2015 and set eight goals to achieve this: the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). At the halfway point, eight directors were invited to share their vision of these major issues, each by way of a short film. And here’s […]

  • BIFF 2009, Day 3: Non-voting America’s What Now?

    Last night I saw the 12th annual Bermuda Film Festival‘s first dud. The Dutch documentarians’ naïveté is undeniably charming as they set out across America in a run-down camper van, to answer the question of why so many Americans don’t participate in the democratic process. But by the end of the film this very premise […]

  • BIFF 2009, Day 2: Canadian Films That Don’t Suck

    Yesterday I did two back-to-back screenings at The Liberty Theatre. First up was Of Time and the City, a documentary about Liverpool by a director who hates The Beatles. Commissioned to celebrate Liverpool’s year as Cultural Capital of Europe, the striking archival footage certainly made me want to visit this “capital of the north”, but […]