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  • Make S60 a Passable iPod Stand-in with Nokia’s Multimedia Transfer Tool

    In a previous post I proclaimed Salling Software’s Media Sync the best way to get music to your Nokia from a Mac. Turns out that verdict may have been a bit premature… Even though sending music to my E71 via Media Sync is but a one or two-click affair, there is an extra step required […]

  • Who Needs an iPod with Salling Media Sync?

    I had no idea that my stuffy Eseries business handset could also be a kick-ass music player, but thanks to Salling Software’s new Media Sync, it is! Install Media Sync on your Mac (it’s also available for Windows) and you’ll find a little icon in your title bar for it — this is important, because […]

  • Social Music Smackdown!

    In the dark days of the early 1980s before the Sony Walkman arrived on North American shores, folks were known to broadcast their musical tastes far and wide courtesy of a ridiculously-large contraption called a boombox. These days broadcasting one’s music is done largely through one of the three major music sharing services listed below. […]

  • The Perfect Pre-Show Playlist?

    So my Conservatory Class’s grad show was a big success on Sunday, and we owe it all to my expert selection of pre-show music! Of course I’m kidding, but I do take my house tunes very seriously and thought it might be worthwhile to publish a list of the tracks with their reasons for being […]

  • The Day The Music Died

    Pictured above is Jammie Thomas and possibly the most inept lawyer ever to set foot in a court of law. Yesterday Thomas, a single mother of two, was presented with a $222,000 bill from RIAA by a jury who found her guilty of sharing 24 tracks on the Kazaa P2P network, specifically: Aerosmith – Cryin […]