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Apple’s Questionable Standards Support Strikes Again

When Apple announced the availability of DRM-free music at the iTunes Music Store last May, my response at the time was a resounding “meh”. I’ve been paying for restricted music on iTMS for more than two years, and if I … Continue reading

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My First iTunes Album

You should already know that I’m a huge fan of the upcoming Kiwi Komedy Eagle vs. Shark, and that the soundtrack for it is pretty awesome as well. What you may not know is that the OST is now available … Continue reading

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The OTHER War of the Worlds

Okay, please pay attention otherwise this will get confusing real quick… What we’re talking about here is not the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise Hollywood movie War of the Worlds, but THE War of the Worlds, a ’70s-vintage musical recording by Jeff … Continue reading

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Air Guitar (Regional) Championships!

So I wrapped up my birthday with a ticket to the Regional Air Guitar Finals at Lee’s Palace last night — it was either that or the Micetro show, and you all know how I feel about Micetro. 😉 Pictured … Continue reading

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’80s Synth Music Back with a Vengeance

Even if you weren’t brought up on Axel F. like I was, how could you not like MSTRKRFT, the Canadian dance duo who’s very name is a cheeky reference to Canada’s famous department store brand? I’ve been listening to them … Continue reading

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