N97 Debrief: Against the iPhone

N97 Inspiration?

Look, let’s stop beating around the bush with this… It should be fairly obvious from the photo above who Nokia’s after with their flagship N97. It also can’t be denied that in North America, at least, Apple’s iPhone is everywhere.

My goal with this post is to highlight the key differences between the two and let you draw your own conclusions. Along the way, I’ll be pointing out what Nokia could have done (and can still do) better.

N97 24/7 Debrief: A Reality Check on International Roaming

Data Log

So it looks like a grand total of 765.75 MB of data was used by yours truly on his N97 24/7 tour across the USA. That’s probably an inconsequential number to my new American friends and their unlimited mobile data plans, but had I not been loaned an AT&T SIM Card for the trip I would have had to pay for all those ones and zeroes myself — and at 3¢ per kilobyte I’d be on the hook for almost $230 CAD from my carrier!