Meet my next Nokia!

One question everybody kept asking me about the N97 24/Tour I went on last summer was:

“Are they gonna let you keep the phone?”

Maybe because I had two of them, the answer seemed to be no — that is until yesterday, when I read this blog post from the good folks at Qik:

Thanks to our partner, Nokia, we had launched a contest to give away 5 Nokia N97s to Qikkers for sharing their experience and tagging them with #N97contest for the past month. Well, we had a whopping 688 entries during the month from all over the world and would like to thank everyone who participated in this.

So, the 5 lucky winners of the Nokia N97 are…..drumroll………..

#4 Andrew Currie from Canada

Wait, what? Zomg!!1!

The timing couldn’t have been better, as I’m currently in the market for a new Nokia anyway. In fact, due to the realization that the N97’s front-facing camera shoots at a higher resolution than other Nseries models, it was back in the running against newer, supposedly better handsets.

I thought it appropriate to stream a press conference acceptance speech apology video when I heard the news. Here it is:

[qik url=”″%5D

I take delivery of my N97 sometime in January. Not sure if it’s going to be a white one or not, but I’m crossing my fingers. Either way it’ll be a great souvenir of every tech blogger’s dream come true! 😎

N97 Debrief: Against the iPhone

N97 Inspiration?

Look, let’s stop beating around the bush with this… It should be fairly obvious from the photo above who Nokia’s after with their flagship N97. It also can’t be denied that in North America, at least, Apple’s iPhone is everywhere.

My goal with this post is to highlight the key differences between the two and let you draw your own conclusions. Along the way, I’ll be pointing out what Nokia could have done (and can still do) better.

N97 Debrief: Nickel and Dimed by Nokia

S70 vs. N97The camera on the left is my Canon PowerShot S70. It doesn’t have tri-band 3G connectivity, GPS or a built-in compass, nor can it check your email, send/receive text messages or browse the web. But it does come with a cable that connects to your TV so you can show photos and videos to friends and family.

On the right is the Nokia N97, which has a slightly smaller 5-megapixel sensor but can also capture VGA video. It too has the ability to connect to a TV just like my Canon — but Nokia decided for some reason not to include the cable with your purchase.