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  • NeutrinoPlex Opens Tonight!

    If you’re wondering why I haven’t written any new posts this week it’s because I’ve been desperately cobbling together the nuts and bolts for tonight’s opening of NeutrinoPlex at The Bad Dog Theatre on the Danforth. Unlike previous incarnations of the show, our new run will nix the opening act of stand-ups and feature instead […]

  • New Zealand, Sucka!

    (That title will make a lot more sense once this awesome film sees its rightful North American release…) So it’s August of 2002 and a younger, blonder AC is sharing an elevator ride to the lobby of his Sydney hotel with a Friendly Kiwi. “Where you from?” he inquires. “Canada.” I reply. “Going to New […]

  • The Return of Second Cine! (Kinda)

    A few of my loyal readers (I’m talking to you, Ed!) will remember a monthly night of short films I hosted at the Second City “Firemall” from 2002-2003. It was a nice little community-building event, but uneven attendance and mounting costs ultimately caused its demise. The show was to be reborn as Small Screen Heroes […]

  • Live from the Drake

    …. Wish you were here!