Fear Mongering


Jeers to Kevin Newman and co. for their fear mongering on Global National News the other night. Sensationalizing a forgotten knapsack in our nation’s capital only gives the accusations of their hidden agenda a little more validity.

Meanwhile, xenophobia is at a fever pitch south of the border. You’ll notice in that same story that a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was forced to land before leaving the continent. Apparently three Pakistani men were taken into custody after passengers complained that they were “moving around in the cabin”. Or in other words, stretching you legs is now an arrestable offence!

Queen Street Bomb Scare


That’s right, the police roped off part of Queen Street West just as Al Howell, Jack Mosshammer and myself were leaving our favourite brunch spot.

Apparently someone reported a bomb on a streetcar that was stopped there. It turned out to be a false alarm, as traffic resumed not even ten minutes later.

Once again, CityPulse News can suck it… I was there first!