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  • A Christmas gift for Nokia fans: The N86 across Asia!

    Here’s one final souvenir from last month’s trip around the world — three once-in-a-lifetime photo opps as seen through the mighty lens of Nokia’s N86… As you can see via the reflection in the pic directly above, all three photos were captured with an N79 — a fine camera phone in its own right… Thanks […]

  • Meet my next Nokia!

    One question everybody kept asking me about the N97 24/Tour I went on last summer was: “Are they gonna let you keep the phone?” Maybe because I had two of them, the answer seemed to be no — that is until yesterday, when I read this blog post from the good folks at Qik: Thanks […]

  • Nokia N86 – A straight-up oldskool Nseries smartphone, yo.

    One thing that stuck with me from the launch of WIND Mobile in Toronto this past week was that the company offers not a single straight-up oldskool handset. Even in their currently limited lineup everything they’re selling is either a touchscreen or qwerty. And yet my recent stopover in super-futuristic Tokyo last month would suggest […]

  • Nokia N86 – Worst Camera Phone EVAR!!1!

    Hey, didn’t I post just yesterday that Nokia’s N86 was the best camera phone EVAR? Indeed I did. I’m not trying to contradict myself here; instead I merely wish to point out a couple of issues that prospective N86 owners should be aware of. You can decide for yourself how important they are. Exhibit A: […]

  • Nokia N86 – Best Camera Phone EVAR!!1!

    How’s this for a vote of confidence? The 8-megapixel camera on Nokia’s N86 is so good that I never once reached for a standalone camera on my recent trip around the world. Here are some of the best pics snapped in faraway places — you can see more in my dedicated Flickr set… And video […]