Where to get cheap crystal cases at Toronto’s Pacific Mall.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a big, big fan of the cheap crystal case. The idea of a hard plastic shell giving its life for your mobile phone as it smashes to the ground is quite simply the stuff of genius.

Crystal cases are all over eBay, but if you live in or near Toronto and don’t want to wait for an order to be shipped from Hong Kong or the UK there are now two shops at Pacific Mall selling them for reasonable prices.

Square Mobile, Inc.

(Somebody needs a website…)

Square Mobile has hands down the best deal on cases — $5 each, no haggling required. They’re located on the aisle against the east wall of the building, near the north end.

Communication Store

Gotta hand it to the Communication Store for deviously snagging PacificMall.mobi as their URL. Their cases are offered at $10 each — a bit of a rip-off, but even a pasty white guy like yours truly can negotiate a lower price per case if more than one is purchased. They’re located on the same aisle, just a couple of stores south.

Please note that I’m not getting any special consideration from either of these vendors; I’m merely pointing them out as a public service to you. I still see a fair number of people wandering around Pacific Mall looking like they’re lost and/or overwhelmed — if you’d like me to demystify Pacific Mall any further by all means let me know!

Raid on Pacific Mall


Thanks to fellow bruncher and AC.ca lurker Ed Wong for passing on news of a raid on Pacific Mall by police last weekend. Apparently over 150,000 pirate DVDs were seized at the mall and other suburban locations.

I had taken Al Howell up to Pacific Mall for his first visit a couple of weekends ago, and even I was taken aback at the blatant peddling of pirated discs. At least three booths were lined wall to wall with DVDs stacked on spindles, with another stack of empty cases ready and waiting at the cash register.

Still, one sound bite from the CTV story is especially irritating. If police want to “send a message” to DVD bootleggers, then mission accomplished. But by buying such goods, aren’t us common folk also sending the message to the studios that their wares are overpriced?