Bermuda Photos up on Flickr

So I’m back in Toronto, and waking up every morning to the very foundations of my home being shaken from the new condo going up next door…

Through the racket I’ve managed to upload my Bermuda photos to my Flickr account. You can get to them by clicking here… Enjoy!

Mo’ Better L3 Photos


I didn’t realize how bad the resolution of that last L3 photo I posted was until I got back to my computer, so I fixed it, and uploaded another, of the best “f**k you, mom!” pose I could muster. You can see the entire gallery here, but you may need a Yahoo! account to do so.

All photos were taken by our costume designer, Michelle Bailey, who apparently has a new look in mind for yours truly—the disgruntled British Banker look is out; a shaved head, goatee and a body full of piercings and tattoos is in!

L3 Cast


…. Hot off the digital presses, from our High Park photo shoot last week!