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Congrats America, You’re Officially Cool Again!

On November 5th, 2004 I drove across the border from Canada into Upstate New York, to do some shopping at a local outlet mall. Being the day after President Bush’s re-election what struck me was how quiet everything was. Everything … Continue reading

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Anyone But Harper

On this, the morning of the televised leaders’ debate (the Canadian one, because I live in Canada) I present to you three viral videos I directed for the anti-Stephen Harper site AnyoneButHarper.ca — parodies of ads you may have seen … Continue reading

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How The Greens Lost My Vote (This Time)

Like other bloggers around the world, I’m participating in Blog Action Day today to raise awareness about the environment. Kinda. I’m currently a card-carrying member of the Green Party of Canada, and make a monthly contribution to support their cause. … Continue reading

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Is Ontario Ready to Make History?

I spent much of yesterday doing my due diligence for today’s provincial elections. I’m not so worried about the results in my riding, but I’ve got a real bad feeling about the historic referendum that will also appear on a … Continue reading

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“World Trade Center” a Sad Sign of the Times

If, like me, you saw Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center over the weekend, you’d probably find it hard to believe that the same guy who wrote Salvador and directed Natural Born Killers could even be capable of making such a … Continue reading

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