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What is the Deal with WiFi and Linux?

Two and a half years ago when Apple made their infamous switch to Intel processors I called bullshit and got myself a cheap generic laptop to join the growing user base of Ubuntu Linux. Everything worked as advertised, except for … Continue reading

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Congrats America, You’re Officially Cool Again!

On November 5th, 2004 I drove across the border from Canada into Upstate New York, to do some shopping at a local outlet mall. Being the day after President Bush’s re-election what struck me was how quiet everything was. Everything … Continue reading

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iPhone Voice-Activated Search: Good for You, Bad for Everyone Else

The Web is all abuzz this morning with news that a voice-prompted search service is on the way to iPhone users courtesy of the clever folks at Google. All I can say is, god help us all… I’m a big … Continue reading

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Why Are Broadcasters Trying To Break The Internet?

In the same way that DVD region-coding has no place in this, the age of Amazon, eBay and unlocked players, television broadcasters have no business trying to restrict their content on the web. I can illustrate from my own experience … Continue reading

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iPhone in Japan: The REAL Story

Kudos to the dedicated reporters at AppleInsider for their recent fluff piece, proudly proclaiming that the new iPhone 3G rocks the Japanese smartphone market. Here’s the synopsis of this fine bit of reportage: Mobile providers in Japan are crediting the … Continue reading

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