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A Requiem for FriendFeed

You might not have even heard of FriendFeed before yesterday’s announcement that Facebook had bought it. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty big deal for us rockstar bloggers — if you don’t consider yourself a rockstar blogger please move along now. 😉 … Continue reading

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Requiem for a MacBook

Last night I handed over my 2007-vintage BlackBook to my sister in law, whose IBM ThinkPad has been compromised — most probably by her kids clicking on banner ads. Though this is the last version of Apple’s consumer portable to … Continue reading

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A Requiem For emTube

Loyal readers know I’m no fan of Apple’s iPhone, mostly because its many fanboys and girls are blissfully ignorant of other smartphones and what they can do. The iPhone’s YouTube Player, in particular, is surprisingly bad when compared to the … Continue reading

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Requiem for Fido (The Pre-Rogers Version)

I still remember the first time I saw a Fido handset. It was some kind of Ericsson, pre-dating the T18z but with a similar design, with an integrated belt clip built into the hardware. Like most Ericsson handsets of the … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Tech Show

Talk about bad timing… Last Friday morning I fired off an email to one of the show’s producers pitching myself as a guest — little did I know that The Lab with Leo had already been cancelled. As lame as … Continue reading

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