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  • #ACRTW – Facing my past in Singapore… Literally.

    Here’s a little video I shot from my hotel room upon my arrival in Singapore: I knew I was going to be in the same neighbourhood as where I had stayed with Second City some eight years prior, but I didn’t think I’d be that close — literally everything I remember was within a block […]

  • Nokia E90: 9 Questions with Canadian Comedy Mogul Klaus Schuller

    This week I’ll be reporting on Nokia’s flagship business device, the E90. More on the in a couple of days — in the meantime… The Second City is a comedy institution in North America, boasting alumni who have powered hit TV shows and movies from Saturday Night Live through SCTV to The Daily Show and […]

  • The Perfect Pre-Show Playlist?

    So my Conservatory Class’s grad show was a big success on Sunday, and we owe it all to my expert selection of pre-show music! Of course I’m kidding, but I do take my house tunes very seriously and thought it might be worthwhile to publish a list of the tracks with their reasons for being […]

  • Blogging Break

    Forgive me for my single post this week; I’m finding that all my free time is being directed towards the Conservatory Grad Show that’s going up on the Mainstage this Sunday. Details can be read off the poster or by clicking through to the Second City site proper. Hope to see you there, and I’ll […]

  • New Zealand, Sucka!

    (That title will make a lot more sense once this awesome film sees its rightful North American release…) So it’s August of 2002 and a younger, blonder AC is sharing an elevator ride to the lobby of his Sydney hotel with a Friendly Kiwi. “Where you from?” he inquires. “Canada.” I reply. “Going to New […]