Tag: Shorts

  • For Those Who Like to Watch

    … Here’s the film I made for Darryl’s Hard Liquor & Porn Festival. This three-minute short contains adult themes and content, but no nudity. Sorry! 😳

  • The Apple Store Guy en Español

    Props to my boss at iLaugh for passing on this link… A Spanish-language site for Apple fans has republished the YouTube version of my Apple Store Guy video with the following blurb, courtesy of Babel Fish: In the inauguration of the last Apple Store opened in the Eaton Center of Toronto, one of the members […]

  • Film Premiere Photos up on Flickr

    Just click on the above photo to see the entire set! Big ups to Andrew Johnston and Katie Bergin for including me in their works of genius. Seeing my name in large print on two different screens sure made me feel like a big shot—that and the cab receipts I got from dashing across town […]

  • Why Movies on Mobiles Does Not Compute

    Yes, a South African filmmaker has made the first-ever feature shot entirely on a mobile phone. Yes, the French have embraced mobilized filmmaking with an emphatic “oui”. And now Canada has its first mobile film festival… So why am I not entering? Because I understand that, just like computers, mobile phones are not made for […]

  • Live from the Drake

    …. Wish you were here!